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Managing Employee Stress and Safety:
A guide to minimizing stress-related cost
while maximizing employee productivity

By David Lee
(400K PDF file)
This 30 page booklet is designed to help safety professionals, HR professionals, and senior executives minimize the cost of stress in the workplace, with a specific focus on how employee stress leads to accidents and injuries. By identifying the sources of employee stress and removing organizational sources of stress, organizations can not only reduce safety-related costs, they can also increase employee productivity, morale, and retention.


  1. The Connection Between Stress and Safety: Knowing This Can Save You Significant Safety Dollars
  2. How Much Does Employee Stress Cost Your Business?
  3. What Happens When Organizations Reduce Employee Stress
  4. What Causes Workplace Stress?
  5. How Stress Affects the Brain, and How This Affects Employee Performance
  6. How Stress Makes People More Vulnerable to Accidents and Injuries
  7. How to Recognize the Symptoms of Stress
  8. Stressed-Out Workers or High Achievers-Which Will It Be?
  9. Taking the First Step-Finding Out if There's a Problem
  10. Tear-Out Surveys
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About the Author: David Lee is an internationally recognized authority on organizational and managerial practices that optimize employee performance. He is the author of Managing Employee Stress and Safety, as well as dozens of articles on employee and organizational performance that have been published in trade journals and books in North America, Asia, Europe, and Australia. For information on his programs and service, click here.

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